Email from a reader, December 2022

I got Molly’s permission to post this email. It made my day.

From: Molly Young
Subject: Cardinal Divide

Hello –
I just want to tell you how much I loved Cardinal Divide. Such a beautiful story and so well written, not over the top, simple style and dialogue.

The characters who worked at Dreamcatcher and the different aspects of the story were all interesting and important. I didn’t feel in a rush to get back to one storyline.

I picked up this book off a coffee table in my best friends parents house in Petite Riviere back in 2020. I read a chapter and left it and never stopped thinking about it. I finally got to read it all this Fall. So beautiful.

I’m not a writer myself so I struggle to find the words to describe it but, I truly enjoyed the story, the twists, the fact that both Meg and Ben’s stories were equally important…

I love reading about where I live (from NS, Kentville) but currently living in Northern Alberta.

I could go on but,
I just really loved it.

Thank you.

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